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Why Do I Need a Realtor to Buy and Sell a Home?

Why do you need a realtor to buy and sell a home? Whether you’re buying a home or selling a home, there’s one thing that’s sure to save you thousands of dollars – a realtor. Most people think that a realtor costs you more money than you can save, the truth is the exact opposite. Today’s real estate transaction is more complicated than the good ol’ days of short purchase agreements & less paperwork. Why did it get so complicated? As legal issues arise over time, more laws are created to protect the consumer. A realtor’s job is to explain all those protections to you. Today, a full purchase agreement can contain over fifty pages of addendums, contingencies, and important conditions that could potentially cost you thousands if you’re not careful. Did I get your attention? This is the biggest reason why you need a realtor to buy and sell a home. Now how do I pick the right one?

Can you just go out and select anyone out there? Sure, but I highly suggest doing your homework. Realtors are not an exception from any service provider. Think about how carefully you select your doctor, dentist, tax professional, or any other person that handles important matters in your life. Choosing a realtor should be no different. You need someone who is competent, has a history of helping others buy & sell homes, and has a pristine online reputation of providing excellent service. Google them. Read all their reviews and be sure they are somebody who is skilled. Why? It’s quite simple – money doesn’t grow on trees so make sure you have a great agent that can get you the most money for you when you sell, and save you the most money when it comes to buying. Is your agent willing to discount their commission in serving you? If they are, chances are they are willing to “discount” their service to you when it comes to assisting you with your real estate needs. This is most common when it comes to agents who are representing sellers in presenting their commission for services. Are they willing to go from the 6% they asked for to 4% they accepted after you told them they were too high? Commission is always negotiable, however, sellers should know that commission is split four ways and the lower the agent goes with their commission percentage, the less they make. It could also mean your service and the money you see on your sale also decreases as a result that could potentially take more out of your pockets then paying a competent agent.

Buying a home? Good news – the commission your agent gets to represent you is usually split from the listing agent’s commission so you have no reason not to go find the best person to represent you.

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